Monthly Archives: July 2013

Let’s fill the muffins with shit!

Scat Goddess combines the pumpkin bread ingredients in her kitchen and puts a first layer in muffin pan. She splits up her chocolate log to put shit pieces in each muffin then layering more pumpkin batter on top. Goddess makes a nice holiday treat for lucky servants to consume.

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Masturbation and shit eating – it was so hot!

Goddess enters the bathroom, sits down, removes her clothes, leans back and spreads her legs wide. We are treated to the sight of her creamy flesh, vagina, pussy and ass hole. She begins playing with herself, first with her fingers then with a clear plastic dildo. As she plays with herself she moans for daddy, oh daddy. Very sexy, very hot. She works the toy in her pussy, turns on her side and works it deeper, in and out, in and out, moaning ?oh, daddy, oh, daddy!? She leans back, to her side, lifts her leg and continues to masturbate, moaning ?oh, daddy, oh, daddy!? She is so hot and juicy, you can hear the suck and slide of the dildo. Then she begins to shit, the poops dropping out and lying on her thighs and vagina as she continues to masturbate and moan. She is very aroused. The fresh creamy shit lays on her and she pounds the dildo on her clit. She rubs the dildo in her fresh creamy shit and masturbates with it. At the end, she takes the shit covered dildo from her pussy and sucks it clean! Her pussy, ass and lips are covered with her sexy shit.

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